Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book Review: Healthy, Fast and Cheap: Leaving Home Cookbook and Survival Guide

It's about time I write up another review; too many recipes at once can be quite boring.

This book first caught my attention while shopping with my boyfriend and two of his friends. We had just finished giving the mall a thorough sweep (because, to be honest, it's the only worthwhile thing to do in town besides the bars and the movies). One of them picked it up from the Discount aisle and showed it to me.

What caught our collective attention was the light, informal tone of the book itself. After convincing myself to buy it for $8, it took me an entire week to get around reading it completely.

Leaving Home is geared towards people who are most likely starting to live on their own, notably those who have never cooked a day in their life. The author starts off with a basic idea of what are the basic cooking tools, budgeting pointers, and the good and not-so-good food types with clear explanations for each type.

It then proceeds to the recipes divided by importance in terms of use:
-Snacks: to keep you going using proteins and carbs.
-Breakfast: to start the day right, with pointers to get things done ahead to make the most out of the morning.
-Lunch: because eating lunch out will drain your money much faster
-Dinner: with subdivisions for all meats and grains
-Desserts: to make better use of sugar and other refined carbs.

The book's binding is also convenient, allowing the reader to remove any page for quick reference or for sharing with friends.

Overall, it's a good read since I plan on making a few of the recipes myself (particularly in the snack area).

What I personally did not like at all was the constant reminder of the author's brand. It felt like he was trying to market Healthy, Fast and Cheap(tm) and the all organic diet towards me. As much as I would love to go organic, it's simply not available to me.

To wrap it up, Leaving Home achieves what it sets out to do: encourages the newly independent reader to try new things and eat healthier, all within their budget.

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