Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Camera Dance!

After almost 4 years of my old camera, a Samsung Digimax A402 4MP (that died out on the second year from an accidents), I felt like it was about time to get a new one. So Santa Claus managed to find one that was cheap and fit my only condition (no less than 7 MP) ...

A Nikon Coolpix L20 with a 3.6x Optical Zoom! It's incredibly gorgeous in real life (and the fact that it goes well with my netbook and my cellphone helps a lot), takes great pictures and has many, many modes to play around (like Portrait, Fireworks, and Food).

Naturally, I goofed off with it for a while. I'm actually considering taking the Photography class in the Art curriculum to use all its features and get better.

First set-up picture: Little Turkeyshire with The Betty Crocker Cookbook 10th Ed.

My mom's most recent cake before tomorrow's commission.
Three Layered Chocolate Cake with creamy chocolate ganache in the middle.

My favorite shot for now; close-up strawberry fans.

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